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Facts & Figures

Interpreting acceptance data is tricky because so many factors go into an application. While successful applicants to professional schools have a broad range of experiences and backgrounds, one thing these students have in common is strong performance in science courses, a competitive standardized test score (varies by school), clinical experience, public speaking ability, active involvement in leadership and community service, and participation in things that set them apart, such as study abroad, research, and other forms of contributing to campus and the community.

Fewer than 45% of all applicants to medical school matriculate, nationwide, each year. In 2022, the national average of accepted students was 42% for MD programs (Allopathic/MD); matriculant data is currently available for DO - 31% (Osteopathic/DO)*, and for Dentistry - 54% (Dental). It is a highly competitive process and one that is as much about timing, understanding what schools seek in their candidates and prospective students, and persistence, as it is about academic credentials.

*Most applicants to DO schools also apply to MD programs so the 31% matriculation information for DO is influenced by the fact that many DO applicants will ultimately matriculate into MD programs.

Data for MD programs is reported based on accepted applicants. DO and Dental data are reported for matriculants.

The graph below summarizes the average acceptance data for University of Maryland students over the 2020 and 2021 application cycles.

Average acceptance rates of UMD students graph
  Allopathic Osteopathic Dental Optometry
UMD 66% 80% 85% 100%
Competitive 80% 76% 93% 100%
Nat'l Avg 2021 42% 27% 57%  

HPAO considers applicants to be competitive if they have the following credentials (based on 2018 national averages):

  • Allopathic/MD: ≥3.6 sGPA and ≥511 MCAT
  • Osteopathic/DO: ≥3.4 sGPA and ≥504 MCAT
  • Dental: ≥3.5 sGPA and ≥20 DAT
  • Optometry: ≥3.1 GPA and ≥320 OAT

**2021 National Average for Osteopathic, Optometry and Dental data is based on matriculation statistics, not acceptance rates.