A woman advising a young man in a large, decorated office with a window.

Appointments & Drop-Ins

We offer 20-minute advising appointments as well as drop-in hours for students to meet with their advisors (except during June and July when we meet only with current professional school applicants and only via drop-ins). If you are unsure which advisor you should be seeing, you can use this form to find out. 

Click here to make an advising appointment.

Pre-Med/ Dent and PA students must attend OR WATCH a recording of their respective Intro Workshops prior to scheduling an appointment with an advisor. These workshops are located in Pre-Health Advising Canvas Course in each health track's respective module.

Please note: You may choose your preference of an in-person or virtual advising appointment. Advisors are not always available for in-person appointments, so PLEASE check the advisor’s individual bio for the days when their appointments are held virtually.

In-person appointments are held in 2300 Symons Hall.

HPAO is staffed with four full-time and one GA advisor when fully staffed. Wait times for appointments and drop-ins are longer at the beginning and end of the semester. Plan accordingly!


    1. Join drop-ins during the scheduled hours. (Please see the drop-in schedule on our homepage.)
    2. Select a drop-in slot available for that day.
    3. After submitting your information, you will be automatically entered into a Zoom waiting room. The advisor will pull you into their breakout room as soon as they become available.
    4. *Note that the drop-in times available will vary, but students will be seen during the drop-in block based on their order of arrival. Please stay in the Zoom, keep your sound on, and have your questions ready so we can minimize transition times.

When HPAO is fully staffed, there are four full-time advisors and one graduate assistant advisor. Wait times for appointments and drop-ins are longer at the beginning and end of the semester. Plan accordingly!

You can meet with a Student Ambassador by attending their office hours during the fall and spring semesters. Student Ambassadors are not available during summer or winter sessions. Office hours are held in person (2310 Symons Hall) Monday to Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm, but students are able to join virtually if they prefer. 


Learn Who Our Student Ambassadors Are And How to Meet With Them!


General Topics for Appointments

  • Reviewing academic plans and extracurricular timelines
  • Reviewing goals for the semester, especially related to classes, clinical, community service, research, etc.
  • Discussing major changes, professional school lists, career fields, etc.
  • Reflecting on who to seek support from in securing recommendations and personal statement help
  • Identifying best steps to take in developing a competitive applicant profile
  • Other general advising topics 


Topics for Drop-ins

  • Discussing whether or not to enroll in or drop a course
  • Seeking brief support on a specific issue academically or in your extracurricular activities
  • Updating advisors on major selection changes, extracurricular changes, etc.
  • Advising regarding extracurricular activity selection
  • Brief advising regarding the application process, including recommendation challenges, school lists, etc. 
  • Other general advising topics