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Sam Goldberg
Graduate Assistant/Advisor

Sam is a graduate student at the University of Maryland. Originally from Massachusetts, he earned a degree in philosophy from Goucher College and then worked in special education for three years. Sam has taught and tutored in a wide variety of spaces, ranging from kindergarten classrooms to a high-security prison, and he is always eager to engage with new learning perspectives. His hobbies include walking in the rain, standing still in the rain, playing computer games, and collecting weird books that he may or may not read.

Advising philosophy: Coming from a background in philosophy, I always seek to help my students become more comfortable with the unknown. Sifting through anxious thoughts in order to identify opportunities to reflect and build upon strengths is a very important skill to have when dealing with overwhelming uncertainty. I am here to give students the answers that can be provided and help them convert the ones that can't into something useful.